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Are you fed up with trying do stand out in the internet, trying to keep the content going, trying to stay on top?

Or are you looking for a functioning web presence, easy to maintain, rich in content, but really all about you?

You have come to the right place!

There are many different reasons why joining the TripMarbles community is a great idea, we can go on for hours to bore you with those.

But let's just say that electing to become part of a lively community which is providing a non-stop stream of fresh, unique and interesting content, is built on a platform that is constantly being improved by a dedicated team of young and vibrant people with their feet firmly stuck on the ground and supported on the ground be our partners who know and live in your market?

We are adamant that that is not a bad choice!

We, the TripMarbles team, are happy to welcome you on board and promise to do our utmost to make attracting your customers fun, simple but above all effective.

Marcel van Bussel
CEO TripMarbles

Marcel van Bussel

Subscriber platform

TripMarbles is a subscription based concept. That way we do not have to show those visually polluting third-party ads or charge per booking or sale.

  • Bars, Restaurants, Activity and Hospitality providers pay a flat fee per year.
  • Event providers pay a small fee per advertising day with a minimum of 60 days to allow for sufficient exposure time for an event.
  • Travel story writers / content providers can earn money from producing published content.

Subscribers platform - Promo

Pricing & options

Subscribers platform - Pricing

What we offer
Some great reasons to join

When subscribing, you: -

  • receive a dedicated Portfolio page with unique URL for direct access you can also use as your web page for as long as you remain a subscriber;
  • receive one free promotional video;
  • get access to the video platform for additional videos;
  • can establish direct connections with your potential customers;
  • can accept bookings / reservations or sales at no additional charge, whichever channel you elect to use;

  • have no third party advertising and no competition on your Portfolio;
  • can be listed with other Venues, Events, Activities and TripMarbles located near you;
  • receive extensive Search Engine and Social Media coverage;
  • become part of a large international community, providing innovative ways to increase your exposure.

Sample PortFolio for Hospitality

Be different
What makes us different...

  • We focus on creating a direct connection between you and your visitors, be it by phone, email, social media, fax or their own website;
  • We do not charge you per booking / sale. We charge a flat fee per year for entities and a per-day fee for events promotion;
  • We do not show any third-party advertising, no distracting banners any part of our site, just interesting content;
  • We combine the available information to create interesting portfolios, but never show the ‘competition’ your portfolio;
  • We combine all aspects of tourism into one single platform: Bars, Restaurants, Events, Activities, Travel Stories and Hospitality;

  • We provide you, as part of your subscription, extensive promotion on social media and in search engines;
  • We are very serious about who owns the content. You own your content! To avoid copyright infringements, you will have to grant us eternal 'use rights', but we will not sell your information to Third Parties. We operate entirely in line with the GDPR rules;
  • You can maintain your information yourself; Change your content regularly or upload a new image every day? Sure, not a problem;
  • We provide you the option to add your own blogs, creating fresh content that is added to your Portfolio regularly. But as these are sponsored blogs, they will be available from the portfolios only;

  • We are not booking engine driven, what you offer comes first, availability / booking comes second;
  • No preferential treatment, same price, same opportunities, same exposure for every subscriber;
  • We review all content before publishing to ensure our rules are complied with. We only publish verified information; and
  • We do not provide for customer rating or commenting. There are other information providers that offer that functionality, you can request us to link to it, but we have decided not to host any ourselves.

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