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Vavla Rustic Retreat -
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Vavla Rustic Retreat

If you are looking for quality time away from the hustle and bustle of city life and indulge, Vavla Rustic Retreat is the place to go. Situated uphill, in the village of Vavla, amidst the mountains and limy-green hills of Cyprus, the lodge provides the perfect retreat for romantic getaways, not to mention the breathtaking panoramic view of the valley and mountainsides.

Vavla Rustic Retreat is one of those places with a long history, which in this case goes back in time as far as the 19th century. Benefiting from the support of the Cyprus Government and the EU, through the Cyprus Agrotourism project, the facility has been reconditioned and finally returned to its initial glory and beauty.

For those of you who want to get the feel of Cypriot traditions and culture, Vavla is a perfect location. This traditional stone house will not only make your experience unique in the sense of making you feel ‘at home away from home’, but it will also make your stay in Cyprus healthier, thanks to the fruit orchard that Kelley, the owner of the place will be happy to let you pick your seasonal fruit from. So, that’s what makes your breakfast smoothies and juices so delicious! Having said that, it is not exactly by chance that this residence and holiday lodge has received the Green Key eco-certification, which only 11 accommodation providers across the island have achieved to obtain (as a by-note, Vavla Rustic Retreat is the only Cyprus Agrotourism lodge that has the green license).

Mixing traditional construction materials like stone and wood with modern facilities and equipment that we will unravel shortly, this holiday retreat has the unique ability to take you back in time, carrying you through ages long gone depicted only by the old photographs that are all over the place to tell the story of those who once gave life to the home, and bring you back to modernity (without teleportation) and its whole array of technological upgrades.

But what would a rustic home be without any rustic ‘equipment’? The moment the tall wooden gate opens, you are lured in by the homely and cozy atmosphere created by the presence of the clay oven (fully functional and still used by women to make the delicious Easter Cypriot pastries called ‘flaounes’), agricultural tools and clay garden decorations and flower pots sprinkled across the stone-paved courtyard, giving colour to the place in spring and summer when the plants are blossoming.

Vavla is a perfect holiday home that can easily accommodate a family of 4 and their friends and/or extended family, providing the whole attire of modern facilities and comfort you enjoy in your own household, from toaster to airconditioning and satellite TV. What more could you expect of a ‘rustic’ holiday retreat?



Vavla Rustic Retreat




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  Parking spaces - free
  Private parking

  TV - Satellite TV

  Cooling and heating
  Cooling - Airconditioning
  Heating - Airconditioning

  Languages spoken
  Ελληνικά [Greek]

  Coffee or Tea maker
  Electric kettle

  Green Key


We can offer you a choice of the following accommodation:

Apartment [1]
  One-bedroom [40 m2]
  2 adults
  2 kids
The one eye-catching element the moment you walk into the courtyard at Vavla Rustic Retreat, is the monumental arch (‘kamara’ in Greek) that frames the entrance of the Kamara apartment. The floor-to-ceiling windows help preserve the uniqueness of the arch, giving you a marvelous view of the courtyard and allowing the light to flood the apartment. If you need privacy, you can draw the heavy curtains and have a memorable time withdrawn from the outside world. Otherwise, you will probably prefer to have the windows uncovered to enjoy the view of the courtyard while relaxing in the comfort of this wonderful one-bedroom apartment.

Kamara boasts a large spacious bedroom, sitting and dining room, fully equipped kitchen and bathroom fitted with bath and shower. The largest of all the Vavla one-bedroom apartments, this holiday home can accommodate up to 3 adults and/or 2 children in an additional sofa bed (available upon request).

The cozy atmosphere is given by the antique bread holder and plate rack, which decorate the walls of the sitting room along with other tools that never fail to tell the story of the past enhance your ‘vintage’ experience.

The modern furniture and fittings add a touch of modernism to the place allowing you to enjoy the comfort of your own home while being away from home.

The kitchen is furnished and fitted with the latest equipment. The spacious and well-organised cupboards above head and underneath the worktop provide the perfect storage space for both dishes and spices. If you enjoy cooking, you need not worry about storing your food, the good size refrigerator solves your problem.

The wooden table for 3-4 people is placed right in front of the cooker, so you don’t need to cross the whole lounge with hot plates and burning soup bowls. At Vavla Rustic Retreat everything comes in handy and practical so you can make the most of your stay.

The bedroom boasts a modern iron double bed with two wooden bedside tables, an extra chest to store your things. The two white modern armchairs fit in perfectly, matching the light beige of the flooring and contrasting with the mahogany brown of the other furnishings and ceiling.

The dressing table with mirror placed in front of the armchairs and window provides the perfect place for storing your lotions and potions.

The same hues of contrasting light and darker brown and white are preserved in the bathroom fits and fixtures. Equipped with both bath tub and shower, the facilities meet all needs and tastes.

Additionally, the free Wi-Fi connection available anywhere in the apartment helps you stay in touch with the outside world.
Apartment [1]
  One-bedroom [40 m2]
  2 adults
  1 kids
Named after and occupying the area of what once used to be the household kitchen (‘Maeirko’ means ‘kitchen’ in Greek), this one-bedroom apartment lures you in with its romantic charm created by the fireplace, which in old days had a very down-to-earth purpose – cooking. Today, it serves mainly as a ‘coziness enhancer’ inviting you to storytelling by the fire on colder winter days. For those of you who are looking for an unforgettable experience and travel back in time while enjoying the ease of modern life, Maeirko is definitely a must-go.

The antique dough bowl coffee table and tools that decorate the dining and sitting area along with the old family photos tell you the story of those who once gave life to the place and in a way welcoming you in their home.

Tastefully combining the old with the new, Maeirko perfectly fits in the ‘vintage’ atmosphere of Vavla Rustic Retreat. After all, Vavla provides not only a ‘retreat’ from city life but also a cozy retreat into time while keeping you safely in touch with the present.

A touch of blue enlivens the sitting and dining area. The electric blue velvet arm chairs distributed around the coffee table contrast with the light colour of the floor tiles and stone walls. The white, embroidered cushions are perfectly thrown into the mix along with the wooden chairs distributed on each side of the fire place, and the Vavla omnipresent traditional, woven rugs seem to invite you to sit back, relax and indulge in cheerful chit-chatting over a cup of coffee or a glass of wine after a rich meal with family and friends.

The kitchenette is fully equipped so that you have everything handy – cupboards above head and under the worktop to optimise space usage.

The bedroom boasts a classic double bed with two bedside tables on each side, a spacious wardrobe and a dressing table with mirror and drawers to keep your lotions and potions handy.

The bathroom boasts modern fits and fixtures of contrasting dark and light brown and white. Beige and reddish-brown tiles create a wonderful contrast with the white of the fittings and opaque shower case.

Maeirko can accommodate a family of 3 (2 adults and 1 infant/child).
Apartment [1]
  Studio [40 m2]
  2 adults
  1 kids
As you walk into the Mulberry studio apartment, you are welcomed by the golden light that pervades the space through the skylight, adding a feeling of warmth. The historical photos and numerous baking tools, which decorate the walls, tell the story of the place giving you bits of the lives of its former inhabitants.

The modern, open-plan design of the lodge is complemented by the state-of-the-art facilities and modern furniture and fittings.
The traditional, woolen rug combining cool hues of blue and green with warmer tints of pink and light red colourfully separates the lounge and the sitting area from the kitchen enlivened by a similar brighter colour rug, which contrasts perfectly with the beige floor tiles harmoniously connecting the two areas.

The Bordeaux, leather coach placed right behind the wooden table that could easily accommodate 3 people, provides the perfect place for siesta after a rich dinner with friends and family, enjoying a glass of wine or a cup of tea and a snack in lazy afternoons, making perfect use of the wooden coffee table in front of it.

The Mulberry bedroom provides more than enough space for two large suitcases and backpacks. There is also a safe for you to store your valuable belongings. It can comfortably accommodate a family of 3 (2 adults and 1 child/infant).

The skylight gives a touch of modernism to the interior, gently allowing sunlight in. The vintage iron double bed that once belonged to the family in combination with the antique bread mold creates an inextricable connection with the past.

Hues of contrasting light and darker brown and white are the chromatic hallmark of the bathroom, equipped with modern fits and fixtures.
If you can’t leave your work for too long, then take it with you! The apartment provides rocket-fast Wi-Fi connection for no extra charge, allowing you to have fun and work at the same time. Not to mention that the setting is more than inspirational…

If you want to book this studio apartment, get in touch with the owner to make sure it’s yours.
Apartment [1]
  Studio [40 m2]
  2 adults
  1 kids
Have you ever thought you’d to live in a stable? Well, nothing is impossible at Vavla. ‘Pachni’ in Greek means ‘feeding trough’, and what is now a luxurious vintage holiday lodge once used to be the family barn. So, if you’re seeking a truly unique experience, the Pachni studio apartment will give you that – escapism at its best.

The highlight of this holiday lodge is the trough, which has undergone upgrades and was originally converted into a bench placed in the kitchen and dining area.

The air of modernity given by the open-plan design of this lodge is enhanced by the state-of-the-art facilities, furniture and fittings that make it an ideal lodge for self-catering travellers.

The antique tools and bread holder provide the unique connection between the past and the present, creating a threshold into the life of those who once lived there.

Pachni’s kitchenette and dining area are efficiently equipped with everything you need to have handy in a proper household, including 2-hob range top.

The traditional beige rug makes the smooth passage from the kitchen to the dining and sitting area, perfectly matching the light colour of the floor tiling.

The bedroom can comfortably accommodate a family of 3 (2 adults and 1 infant/child) and is equipped with a double bed, a wood corner wardrobe, and two vintage wood bedside tables.

Darker and light brown hues and white are the chromatic hallmark of the Pachni bathroom equipped with modern fits and fixtures, including shower case.

Because nothing is out of mind at Vavla, you can even take your work with you on holidays if you’ve still got things pending on your to-do list that can’t wait till you return and use the lodge’s Wi-Fi (free of charge).

Looking forward to an ‘official’ event and you need to iron? No worries, you have an iron and an ironing board waiting just for you at Pachni. Even on holidays you can be at home away from home!
Apartment [1]
  Two-bedroom [60 m2]
  4 adults
  2 kids
The 5th and the largest of all the Vavla Rustic Retreat holiday lodges, Anoi is the only 2-bedroom apartment of the facility. Located at the 1st floor, it provides a breathtaking view of the surrounding mountains (from the balcony). The large, scenic window of the living room offers the same wondrous panorama.

The impression of space is given by the tall ceilings and natural light pervading the room through the large window and the fireplace, which gives a feeling of warmth and romantic homeliness.

The colourful and style mixture of rococo and minimalist design of the furnishings is the Anoi living room hallmark. As traditional items are the heart and soul of Vavla Rustic Retreat, it was impossible not to have them at Anoi. Traditional rugs and decorative clay pots and old photos are sprinkled across the apartment, making your time travelling smooth.

Comfort and class is the name of the game at Vavla – the kitchen and dining area boasts state-of-the-art facilities, including cooker, cup boards above head and underneath the worktop, which provide the perfect storage space for both dishes and spices.

The dinner table provides just enough space for 6 people, and is only two steps away from the cooker and the refrigerator so that you don’t need to run around with hot pots.

The two bedrooms add a couple of more hues to the chromatic mix of this holiday home – blue and green. The blue bedroom (named after the blue colour of its walls) can easily accommodate two adults/children in twin beds. The spacious wardrobe provides just enough room for your or your children’s or friends’ clothes.

The dressing table and mirror placed between the twin beds is perfect for storing lotions and potions and any urgent-need belongings.

The green bedroom is definitely the master bedroom of the apartment, boasting a classy double canopy bed, with two small, stylish bedside tables to keep any urgent things handy, and the spacious, corner wardrobe is perfect for keeping your clothes tidy.

Free Wi-Fi is available and satellite TV so you can stay tuned with the world even on holidays.

How to get to us

We are not difficult to find, have a look below on how to get to us quickly.


Follow the highway (A1) towards Larnaca/Nicosia.
Take the exit 14 to join the B1 at "Vavla, Layia, Choirokoitia".
From the exit, turn LEFT onto B1.

Follow the highway (A1) towards Limassol [Lemesos].
Take the exit 14 to join the B1 at "Vavla, Layia, Choirokoitia".
From the exit, turn RIGHT onto B1.

On the exit, drive about 200m and take the first RIGHT onto E133 towards "Vavla, Choirokoitia".

Stay on the main road for about 10 km. You will then find a sign indicating a right turn for Vavla – DO NOT TAKE THIS TURN and stay on the main road going straight. Keep going on the MAIN ROAD and find the sign for "Vavla Rustic Retreat".

Drive about another 200m and look for a small gravel road on your right. You will find a sign for "Vavla Rustic Retreat", as well as red and white reflective tape on the back of a sign which reads "VRR->", so you'll know that you are turning onto the correct road. Once you turn onto this gravel road, you will see a dead-end sign, as well as a sign for "Vavla Rustic Retreat".

At the beginning of the gravel road, there is a large gravel lot. You may park your car here (taking care not to block the two gravel driveways stemming from it), or you may travel further down the stone-paved road until you find a wall on your right, where you will find designated parking.

As you begin walking further down the stone road, you should find a sign for "Vavla Rustic Retreat" on your right. Follow the short pathway directly to the right, which will lead you straight to our front door. WELCOME!

The stones can sometimes be slick, so please take care when walking down the incline.

Bus - Line: Line 404 - Vavla 1

There is a bus going to Vavla if you really want to go by Public Transport.

The bus is following the route: Ag.Vavatsinias - Ora - Lagia - Vavla - Kato Dris - Skarinou - Kofinou Station.


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