Ultimate 10 km Cyprus Trail Race

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Ultimate 10 km Cyprus Trail Race

Ultimate 10 km Cyprus Trail Race


Cyprus Ultra has a race for all runners! This is a 90-minute marathon suitable for anyone who wants to improve their fitness level and be part of something big. If these are your goals too, then the Cyprus Ultra 90-minute marathon race is for you. Make sure you don’t miss the pre race safety briefing on 19 May 2017, at MyMall Limassol. It is crucially important that you attend both for your personal safety and that of your crew.
Saturday, 20 May, 8am sharp, all runners are expected at the start location of Vasa Kellakiou, community centre football field. Pass by the registration desk to check in.

9am – official race opening and time to get your picture taken.
10am – On your marks! 10k race with a 90-minute cut-off time.

The race route expands over hilly mountain terrain with an overall elevation gain of about 200metres.

Summer in Cyprus kicks off in May. The feel-like temperature for May 20 is estimated to be around 35C. There is no shade along the route of Cyprus Ultra.

Because runners’safety comes first, the organisers accommodated placement of aid stations to provide water and fruit at 1.2km and 6km on the course.

1) FOR YOUR OWN SAFETY – Make sure your mobile phone is fully charged and you have it on you before the starting whistle.
2) WARNING: You are totally on your own! Just you and the breeze, no support crews along the race route and pacers are allowed.
3) Although this is a RUNNING race, you are allowed to walk whenever you feel you need to slow down a little. No hiking sticks are allowed at Cyprus Ultra.
4) FOR YOUR OWN SAFETY If anyone is found by the official race crews to be in need of assistance anywhere along the race route, they will be immediately removed from the race and will not be allowed to rejoin.

The race fee includes:
1. Cyprus Ultra finishers medal (if you finish within cut off)
2. Race bib number
3. Water and fruit aid station for 90-minute race
4. Saturday, May 20 party all night long at the race location!