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First-hand, trustworthy information and a collection of refreshing travel tips and stories to make your travel experience more colorful and 'worth your time'. TripMarbles offers a unique collection of information on local Bars, Restaurants, Events, Activities, Travel Stories and Hospitality providers.

Take a BREATH while planning your trip, discover new places and enjoy them to the fullest!

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TripMarbles highlights local gems to ease your search for places you can spend time with your friends or loved ones and enjoy special moments with a glass of wine or have a cocktail.

Here you will find everything about Bars - where it is, how to get there, what they offer and what makes them special.

We provide you with a clear choice to ease your decision making and free up your time planning your next outing.

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Enjoy a good meal
Food around the Globe

TripMarbles highlights local gems to enhance finding places you can spend a tasty time sharing a wonderful meal of your favourite cuisine with your friends, family or other travellers.

Here you will find everything about Restaurants - where it is, how to get there, what they offer and what makes them special.

We provide you with a clear picture about restaurants to ease your decision making and plan your next meal out.

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Events worldwide
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Experiencing events while traveling is one of the aspects of learning more about the local culture, ways of living and interests.

TripMarbles gives you a chance to plan your next time out, be it at home or abroad. Check our calendar of events in your destinations - exhibitions, concerts, gigs, shows as well as annual events, parades, festivals and even local markets.

Jump in and get a taste of local events, big and small.

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Find and enjoy all aspects of activities TripMarbles have found for you to take your travels way beyond 'a good time’.

Go sightseeing, diving, skiing, learn a new craft in a workshop or learn about pagan customs you have never heard of, join dances or find where the most beautiful animals hide.

Let your imagination take you to new heights and enjoy travel experiences that will be worth to remember and share.

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Travel Stories
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Explore our colorful collection of TripMarbles - inspiring, informative and uplifting travel stories across various parts of the world from our storytellers and explorers. Discover the best and the most hidden gems, that are secretly hiding the most exciting experiences. We intent to ease the process of travel planning through real stories.

If you are planning a trip, our destination section provides information on all aspects of visiting your destination - information to know before you go, travel tips, descriptions of places to visit with coordinates and inspirational visual material and so much more.


Home away from home

After a busy day of activities, explorations, business or finding those new places, nothing can be compared to a relaxing afternoon in a cosy hotel, unique tree house, cottage with a mesmerizing view or a guest house...

Get inspired by TripMarbles and find secret, eye and heart-catching places to stay near the beach, in forests, in the mountains or in the heart of a city.

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